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This weeks Book of the Week is from Dr. Joe Sprinkle of Crossroads College, entitled “Biblical Law and its Relevance”.

Biblical Law and Its Relevance

Dr. Sprinkle does a great job in uncovering the difficult topic of the Mosaic law in relation to the Christian. He takes a Principlizing Approach, made famous by Dr. Kaiser Jr, wherein the “general equity” , if I may, of the Mosaic law is applicable to the Christian. In other words, we are to see the principle behind all the law and apply it properly in the Christian epoch.

Dr. Sprinkle also interacts with other approaches, viz, the Reformed, the Dispensational, Lutheran, and Theonomic and reveals the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, finally establishing his own (Principlizing Approach).

What I found was that Dr. Sprinkle was very close to Reformed and Theonomic scholars. His view isn’t all that different. In fact he said, what sparked his interest in the topic was when he was in seminary and heard of the Reconstruction movement.

I recommend this book to anyone wanting a further study on the Mosaic law and its application. I don’t agree with everything that Dr. Sprinkle writes, but with his astute assessment of the matter, it is a well worth book to have on the shelf.

Enjoy this one. I gave it a 4/5

Buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Biblical-Law-Its-Relevance-Understanding/dp/0761833722