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The book I read this weekend comes from Dr. John Murray and its entitled “Redemption: Accomplished and Applied”.

This was a stupendous read, as Dr. Murray examines the doctrine of salvation from beginning to end, from our calling to our glorification. With expected John Murray style he deals with the subject in such a scholarly way that all counter arguments are put to rest, whether they be Arminian, antinomian, Socinian, dispensational, etc.

In all honesty, this book ranks in the top with regards to Scripture passages quoted in  context. I don’t remember Murray quoting a passage ever out of context and always relevant to the topic under discussion.

My favorite section of the book had to be chapter 7 on Sanctification. There he deals very biblically on the doctrine of sanctification and its relation to justification, regeneration, etc. Specifically to mention my favorite part of the chapter was his discussion on the surviving sin vs. the reigning sin in the believers life.  He says the former is expected but the latter will not be tolerated. To top it off, my favorite quotation is, “It is one thing for sin to live in us, it is another for us to live in sin” (pg. 145).

This book is a must read for all students of the Bible and this fundamental doctrine of redemption!
redmption accomplished and appliedTheology junkies, Reformed men, I know you probably have this in your library but just in case… get it!

Enjoy this one. I gave it a 4.5/5