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Reformed For His Glory

by Felipe Diez III

This blog post is a response to Mr. Matthew Tuininga’s blog post (the blog bearing his name) entitled “Why Theonomy Gets it Wrong.” (June, 2013). Here is his post: Because of the small aim of this post (to simply respond to Mr. Tuininga), this will not be a significant defense of any theonomic position. Because this gentleman is a licensed preacher and also due to the fact that I do not know him personally, I will remain as respectful and friendly as possible in the discussion. Tuininga refers to Nick Batzig’s Reformation 21 article concerning Theonomy, citing it approvingly. I have not read it yet, but I will only respond to Tuininga’s usage of a couple of quotes from Batzig’s article, since that is the only purpose of my post. I argue as a theonomist in general, yet not as a fully-orbed Christian reconstructionist.

I assume…

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