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Concerning the years prior to the Armenian genocide (1908-1914), the Ottoman Empire was oppressing and repressing Armenians with full blown attacks under the veneer of “a peace process”. All the while Armenians became neutral in their political stances and started accepting the “peace processes” of the Turks. Worship of the state was more important than freedom and independence; dictatorial rule was established. The Turks controlled the army, police, courts, and secret service. All this gave rise to internal factions, and political illusions within Armenians.

Garo Sassouni writes in his pamphlet entitled “A Critical Look at the 1915 Genocide”, “…the Armenian nation was in a state of chaos and confusion. The Patriarchy, the parishes and churches became powerless as they preached caution and obedience [to the “peaceful” Young Turks]. The rich, merchant class and the conservatives in general withdrew into their shell….The Armenian intelligentsia, split into factions, had no unified will or decisiveness… The revolutionary organisations remained indecisive whilst the established institutions and other elements slavishly succumbed. In six to seven months the Armenian people were turned to dust (p. 14). These are jaw-dropping statements about the passivity of the Armenians at that time. The churches preached obedience to the “peaceful” government he says, and the wealthy took their money and hid instead of fighting back. Can one withhold blame from us Armenians as being a cause of our own demise? Disobedience has its consequences, and genocide is one of them.

Of-course we cannot undo any of this but we can prevent it from happening again. The American church has fallen into the same pit. And the preaching from the pulpits is the same. Dependence on the government is exalted instead of stigmatized! Obedience to the state has become the sin qua non to being a lawful Christian. The wealthy have stuck their heads in the sand and are scared to pick a political side, or to support a strong religious organization. Thankfully the few bulldoggish Christians who are still out there have withstood the onslaught for more than six or seven months, but we need more committed and able minorities. We need more Christians to be on-guard against the attacks of Satan through the “peaceful policies” of the state! We cannot be state worshipers!