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Reformed For His Glory

salem-witch-trial People who oppose Christianity may at times appeal to the Salem Witch Trials of the 1600s. Their uninformed and tired arguments continue to seep into fertile yet ignorant cracks in liberal academia. Yet a more sober and objective study is required to formulate solid opinions on the matter. This is an examination of a Puritan leader “Increase Mather” who along with Cotton Mather (his father) and others came to oppose the trials and work to end the methods used against witches altogether. That these witches were guilty or not is not the purpose of this essay. My personal belief is that in the midst of the hysteria, it can be shown that at least two were, in fact, witches, and under Theonomic law punishable by death. But the purpose of this essay is to offer a balanced viewpoint on the matter of rational arguments against the proceedings and punishments of…

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