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Thanks to Kenneth Gentry’s Facebook page I was able to grab some rare pictures of some of my favorite 20th-21th century theologians.

Some of my favorite pictures are Dr. Gentry with Dr. Greg Bahnsen, firstly because there are only 2 pictures of Bahnsen online, secondly for his theological expertise which has tremendously helped me to discern truth from error, and lastly because Gentry and Bahnsen were best friends who saw eye to eye on pretty much everything and seeing old pictures of them really brings joy to me as I see two scholars standing side by side untied on the firm foundation of the Word of God.

Other favorites include Dr. Van Til who has revolutionized Reformed epistemological and philosophical thought, Dr. Lee who was a fervent Presbyterian and a theonomist in his own right, Dr. Rushdoony whose acumen on numerous subject ranging from history to theology to education will (in my opinion) remain for a very long time as a guide for Conservative Christianity in the West.

Here they are: glb with kg Bahnsen with Gentry

GB with KG Bahnsen with Gentry 2

Greg Bahnsen with Ken Gentry Bahnsen, Gentry and Faculty

francis lee with kg Gentry and Nigel Lee

Van Til and Gentry Gentry and Van Til

rush with kg Gentry and Rushdoony