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Covenant keepers or believers of the promises of God through the covenant of grace should think in these four ways:

1. They should think representatively meaning that they are not only living for themselves but also for other people beginning with their own family, then church then state and doing their very best to meet the biblical needs of these people. “Love thy neighbor…”

2. They should think ethically by applying biblical laws and drawn our principles to specific situations (after all that is what wisdom means) to extend God’s honor and glory by showing what true justice, righteousness and equity looks like. (Proverbs 1:3-4)

3. They ought to think judicially applying biblically mandated sanctions for violation of the ethically applied laws and principles noted above. This means they ought to formulate a biblical form of punishment for wicked men, namely, a restitution system. I know, I know this is not liked by many a peoples…

4. They should think consequentially about everything that they do knowing that it will affect future generations. This is in short a summary of the above mentioned three points that wraps up man’s whole duty “To fear God and keep His commands” not only in a spiritualistic manner but a practical day-by-day fashion.


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