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Christian: Reformed
Theology: Covenantal Calvinist
Ecclesiology: Presbyterian
Ecclesiastical Authority: Sola Scriptura, Presbyterian
Nature of God: Trinitarian
Theology Proper: God the Father, Elector
Christology: God the Son, Hypostatic Union, Redeemer
Pneumatology: God the Holy Spirit, Monergism, Applier
God’s Will: Decretive, Perceptive
Soteriology: God’s Grace through Faith Alone, Imputed Righteousness of Christ’s Perceptive and Penal Obedience.
Hamartiology: Original Sin
Anthropology: Total Depravity
Apologetics/Epistemology: Presuppositional
Baptism: Paedobaptist
Lord’s Supper: Christ is truly communicated through this sacrament however we are united to Him in the heavenly realms. Believers Only.
Cosmology: Biblical Creationist
Eschatology: Postmillennial
Worship: Exclusive Scripture (Psalmody)
Confession: Westminster Confession of Faith, Larger and Shorter Catechisms, The Form of Presbyterian Church Government, The Directory of Public Worship, and The Directory of Family Worship
Bible translation: King James Version
Archology: Theocratic Republic
Nomology: Theonomic